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Proud to Supply Many Businesses, Schools and the NHS With Their Loose Furniture

Credit For Schools, NHS and Government Funded Departments

Just Select "Purchase Order" at Checkout

No Stranger to Large Projects

Our Recent Projects Have Included ALDI Supermarkets, Westminster Abbey and More

Why Pay More?

We Guarantee Our Prices Are Unbeatable and Will Beat Any Like for Like Quote

30 Day Instant Credit Scheme

30 Day Instant Credit Scheme

Are you a Government Funded Department? These include Schools, NHS, Libraries, Councils and more.

If so, you instantly qualify for our 30 Day Credit Scheme!

Can You Give Credit To the Public and Other Businesses?

Unfortunately our 30 Day Credit Scheme is only exclusive to government funded departments. Other companies and the general public will need to make payment via our PayPal facility at Checkout.

How This Works:

When placing an order online, via telephone or e-mail, we are happy to accept your unique Purchase Order Number rather than take payment.

This can be seen online under Payment Method - just select Purchase Order and type in your code and your order will be placed.

What Happens Afterwards?

Once goods are received, we will then invoice you quoting your selected Purchase Order Number expecting payment within 30 days.

With different lead times, this can mean we expect payment within 35 days (if delivered in 5 days), or even within 51 days (if an item takes 3 weeks for delivery).

This is an added bonus for you, as it means you can purchase and secure your items even if your budget does not quite allow for it yet.

We accept invoice payments via bank transfer or cheque.

What happens if we do not pay within 30 days of invoice date?

We understand mistakes can happen and will in the first instance contact you directly to give you the chance to make the payment.

However, as a last resort, we reserve the right to legally charge interest to the rate of 3% per month from the due date until the date of actual payment as well as after and before any judgement.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our team.

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